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Do you want to be more successful in some area of your life?
Do you feel lost in a world of negative thoughts that seem real and permanent?
Life’s experiences don’t come with an explanation and there is no manual for us when we’re born. We can become very frustrated when we don’t understand other people, ourselves and/or life circumstances.

These Principles are 100% responsible for how our lives play out in every situation – no exception.

I teach how life is easier to live when we understand how we experience it. I describe the basic Principles that explain how life works.

This information is fundamental to decision making and creating solutions, where you experience more happiness and self control, and less conflict, insecurity and worry.

These universal constants are a force of nature, just like gravity, always in operation, always predictive. It’s a system humans use whether we know it or not.

I will explain how this simple awareness will leave you with clearer thinking & more confidence, and will help improve the quality of your relationships, both business and personal.

Educating people gives them freedom to see how it plays out in their own lives. Results happen more effortlessly.

Be open to letting go of conditioned thinking,
because there is no end to learning.

These Principles have had a profound impact on every aspect of life, all around the world, including: Business and Leadership, Education, Addiction, PTSD Recovery, Athletic Performance, Community Work, Marriage and Family Counseling. They have the power to transform humanity.

I teach how to live with more ease, become more resilient and navigate situations with greater strength and peace of mind.

About Me

Helping and empowering men and women through coaching since 2007, Cathy Fandrich is an ICF Certified Life Coach, from The Academy for Coach Training in Edmonds, WA. Her unique expertise is through her work as a Three Principles based Practitioner, having studied with The Three Principles Professional Institute in London.

As a Professional Speaker, she has a passion for helping groups and individuals understand what lies behind all human experience, which enables individuals to have a better life, regardless of circumstance, and which also allows individuals to finally have the success they desire in life. Cathy and her husband live in Montana where they enjoy snow skiing, cycling, golf, water sports and spending time with their grandchildren.

My Services

Working with individuals, couples, families, teams, corporations, and groups of all sizes and ages.

Options Include

  • Meeting in person
  • Via telephone, providing you with the ultimate in flexibility and privacy.
  • Skype, Zoom Online conferencing


Cathy speaks at conferences, meetings, and events, talking about what matters most to your audience.

To hire Cathy to speak at your event or to learn more, please get in touch!

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